Hi Beautiful one

When you look at an image what do you notice? How does it make you feel? Do you remember what made you smile like that? Aren't you glad you spent the time? Don't you feel beautiful? Welcome. Look around. Imagine how an image can capture laughter, confidence, love, emotion. What would your image look like?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What every women wants....

... is to feel beautiful about herself. To feel connected to that part of herself that maybe she had before children, before crazy schedules, before laundry and grocery shopping....

We all want to be desired. We want our husbands to pine for us and be excited about the women they married.

But so often we find reasons as to why we just can't get our act in gear to make that effort... it costs to much, who has time, I need to lose weight...yada yada yada!

Be Beautiful now...today... tomorrow... everyday. Take this time to give yourself (and your man) a gift of beauty. You are are beautiful. Beauty is a way of feeling and acting.

I love shooting women because I think they are forgotten about. We photograph our children, and our families, but when it comes to women they would rather hide in the background. Well... it is time to SHINE!!!

Shine brightly this holiday season... Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beautiful to the core

Beauty... when you look into a woman's eyes and see what is in her heart.
-- Nate Dircks

It is so fun to work with people who are beautiful inside and out. Isn't this lady BEAUTIFUL! She was so fun to work with today. She came with lots of great things to wear and had the most beautiful smile. Thanks for a great afternoon!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beautiful Mama

I think pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times of a women's life. This mama was so beautiful I wish I had all day to photograph her. I enjoyed this session so much. It is such a honor to capture a women at this time and to focus on the fact that yes she is having a baby but more so that she is a women and beautiful. The glow of her skin and the radiance of her smile make these images some of my favorite!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just because a girl should get dolled up

There are times to just go for it! Get your hair done, get beautiful make up on, and wear something sexy! And that is what we did. Today was all about getting pampered and having fun.
She was a great sport letting me post the before image...but let's face it.. she is still beautiful without makeup and hair all dolled up!
A big thank you to Aaryss from Image Makers for doing hair and make up!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Simply Beautiful

Simply beautiful and just because. Who says you have to have a "reason" to get your picture taken. Why not... just because. What not... because I want to... and why not... because I am beautiful. Thanks Jess for a fun afternoon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Take time to be beautiful

When was the last time you showered, used beautiful silky soap, painted your nails, gave yourself a full body scrub, did a mud mask, took your time putting on your make up.... when? I know that I typically am rushing and am lucky to get out the door with a little mascara on. But to really take time to feel and look beautiful. When was the last time... and when was the last time you did if for you? Because you are a women and because you deserve to feel desired and desireable.
When was the last time you were photographed... alone? Not with your husband, not with kids... just you looking and feeling beautiful? Many don't think about it. Many women actually avoid the whole idea of being in a picture.
I challenge you to accept that you deserve to be seen as more than a mom and wife...you are a women. You are beautiful.
It might seem selfish to get pictures of just you. You may ask yourself, "what would I do with pictures of me?" Just think about the treasure you are giving your family. Images of you looking stunning. I know my kids would love to look at those years from now maybe with their kids and smile.
Take time. I have photographed women who wanted pictures for their husband and thought this would be an excellent gift (by the way it is!). What husband wouldn't want a sexy album or stunning portriat of his bride? But in the end the women were surprised by how much they needed this.
Let me pamper you. We take care of it all...we do your hair, we do your make up, we help you pick out what you are going to wear, we set up the location.... all you need to do is take time.