Hi Beautiful one

When you look at an image what do you notice? How does it make you feel? Do you remember what made you smile like that? Aren't you glad you spent the time? Don't you feel beautiful? Welcome. Look around. Imagine how an image can capture laughter, confidence, love, emotion. What would your image look like?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Natural Beauty

It is amazing to start a Cherry Bloom session and just watch it take shape. It always starts with lots of nerves and in the end we peel the nerves off and reveal the most amazing thing... how naturally beautiful you are. I love photographing women who want to look beautiful for their husbands, but what I find is in the end these images are more for them then they ever intended. Women feel so empowered and confident. They look at themselves almost as it it was the first time they have seen a mirror. They are in awe how wonderful they look but even more so they look upon themselves so proud that they didn't let fear stop them from seeing their natural beauty.


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