Hi Beautiful one

When you look at an image what do you notice? How does it make you feel? Do you remember what made you smile like that? Aren't you glad you spent the time? Don't you feel beautiful? Welcome. Look around. Imagine how an image can capture laughter, confidence, love, emotion. What would your image look like?

Saturday, December 31, 2011


Women are complex. They have so many layers and sides. All too often we chose to focus on the sides we like to hide instead of the ones we want to let shine... it takes spirit to take a risk and to shine!
This hot mamma had a smile that made me smile. It lit of up room. She came in timid and nervous and left feeling like she did something for herself that took a leap of faith....spirit.
I don't get tired of that. That sense that someone is coming to me to do something nice for someone else... and leave realizing that of all the people they know or would ever do this for... this was most important to them. They needed this.


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