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When you look at an image what do you notice? How does it make you feel? Do you remember what made you smile like that? Aren't you glad you spent the time? Don't you feel beautiful? Welcome. Look around. Imagine how an image can capture laughter, confidence, love, emotion. What would your image look like?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Beautiful space

Over the past two months I have been working on a new project... a new natural light studio space. I love it. It is simple and beautiful and perfect for bringing out the natural beauty of my clients!
I love things simple. I especially love simple portraits. Ones where the viewer is captivated by you not the chair you are sitting on. I want my subjects beauty to steal the show.
The details: My new space is located downtown Colby, KS at 140 E. 5th Street. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or even just to come and talk about doing a session call me at 785.643.6585.

A Photographer's Value:
There are lots of cameras and lots of people who like photography. So why go to someone to have your picture taken. Well... first off a camera is just a machine... it needs a user who knows how to best use it. Secondly, a photographer who specializes in a certain genre of photography has studied angles, lighting, methods etc. to capture the best possible image. But the final reason for me is the biggest reason to hire someone... Connection. Today I took a self portrait as part of my Photo a day project and while doing it I remembered how tough it is to take your own picture. Sure I can set it all up and get a number in focus. But when you look at a camera without someone behind it it is like looking in the mirror. You don't give the same expressions as you to when you are looking at and interacting with someone. There is no Connection!!! I love to photograph women because I can connect with them. They can feel safe and secure that I am going to make them beautiful. They can drop their guard and let themselves shine through. There is someone cheering them on, giving direction, and making sure they look beautiful. There is a creative vision that I share with them. I know that that is unique. So there is a great value in having your picture taken by someone who loves what they do and connects you and their vision to create something beautiful.


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