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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't call me cheap

I was recently on a facebook page and someone was looking for a photographer. There were lots of comments with different recommendations. What struck me as almost insulting as a photographer is that many of the comments referred to different photographers as CHEAP!! ahhhh. I am sure they meant it as a compliment but wow. How would you like to be referred to as cheap. That the value of your work is Cheap..... not me... so please don't call me cheap.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to educate non photographers about the costs of photography. This is for me... I am sure others spend more or less.

Camera bodies: I have three digital, two 35 mm cameras film, and one medium format film camera. My cameras have cost me over $5500.00
Camera Lenses: My current lenses have cost me over about $5,000. I have sold many this year so you can add about 2k to that number if this was a year ago.
Insurance: About $1200 a year
Education: I purchase lots of books and subscribe to many on line resources. I typically spend about 1000 a year in education. On years I go to conferences I can expect to spend an additional 3-4 thousand.
Advertising: For me this includes print materials I hand out or mail out. I would also include any portraits I order to display. Typically that is around $500 a year.
Other equipment: Lights, wireless controls, camera bags, memory cards, batteries, backdrops, props, etc... LOTS! I have lost track. But it is never ending. Each of my batteries are $100.00 as well as each of my small 4 gb memory cards.
Time: can't count the number of hours spent... but it is a full time job learning.

If you want cheap pictures your best best is to go and buy a camera and kits lens for around $600 and take pictures to your hearts content. But if you want portraits that look professional and timeless than hire a professional who understand their equipment and lighting ... and understand that it isn't cheap.
I can understand that it is hard to understand why going to a professional costs so much. Everyone has a digital camera now and now even an iphone can take pretty nice pictures. But photography is the study of light.. not just snapping the shutter down.
I am what I call a crazy hobbyist. I have taken a hobby and gone crazy with it. But I love it. I love it so much I want others to love it to and teach classes so they can take better pictures.

You look at other professional full time photographers and their costs are way higher.
I only ask that you regardless if you love or hate someones work that you value the time and money they have spent on their path to learning the art of photography.


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Love it!!! Very well said

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